What's On?

Porters Bingo

Make friends with a great bunch of ladies.  Bingo kicks off every Monday morning with top prizes including our major Progressive Jackpot which starts at $200 and rises $50 weekly until called.

Doors open 9am in the Fintona Room, and eyes down at 9.30am.  Our weekly program is as follows:
  • Lucky Door prizes and back-of-book winners are drawn.
  • Rules, Keno wins and payout announcements.
  • We play games 1-20 in our White Book of 20, with a short interval after game 13.  This section includes '6 & Win', our $20 progressive jackpot in 40 calls.
  • Pink Mini Jackpot is drawn.  $100 for a full house.
  • We play games 1-5 in our Yellow Book of 5.
  • Blue Progressive Jackpot is drawn.  Starts at $200, with 50 calls for a full house.
Two Lucky Door prizes are drawn weekly.  The first winner gets a single book of 20 to play in session, and the second winner gets a single book of 5.

Ticket prices

The average cost for one of everything is $23.  Extras can be purchased any time during the session.

Book of 20 - 20 feature games & full house
Book of 5 - 1 & 2 lines, full house, lucky jackpot
Pink Mini Jackpot
Blue Progressive Jackpot*
Six & Win
*Jackpot increases $50 each week until it is won.

Fill out the back of your book of 20 for a chance to win a free book of 5 to play the following week.

Tea, coffee and snacks are available before Bingo, during interval, and all day until 8.30pm (no outside food or snacks are permitted).  Porters Bingo is not-for-profit, with all funds raised donated quarterly to various local charities.